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Related post: languid, the skin pale, and the stomach of course partakes Generic Labetalol of Ik general debility of the body Buy Labetalol ; hence powerful and indeed stimuUxiii^ tonics are often necessary. The object of this article is not tola down directions for the treatment of the different stages of scroAili but to give instructions for the management of the boWels, Am of scrofulous subjects, so as to secure the lungs, joints, glandi &c* against mischief, or, in other words, to keep the lymphati system in a quiet state, and to strengthen it, so as to subdo morbid excitement, or the predisposition in it to inflammator action. Costiveness is a complaint to which scrofulous subjects are var liable^ and being a general precursor of disorder of the lymphati system, or of structural mischief in the lungs, mesenteric giaadi joints, and the glands of the neck, it may be considered so far a exciting cause of the .disease, that, had it been obviated, it weal not have come into action. An occasional use of an aperies medicine is not only necessary as a preventive of local miscoief i a scrofulous subject, but even when it has come into action it is B less important to keep up a regular alvine discharge, in order t give topical and constitutional remi^ies a fair trial, whith are auf FHfsic] 103 [Cojftivevess in Scrofula. posed to act specifically on the disease, and it is probably to a oe^lect of this essential part of treatment that remedies, ivhich haye been highly extolled by some surgeons as correctors of scrofula, haye 6iled in the practice of others. Iodine has, within the last two years, been much recommended by seyeral respectable surgeons of France, I Germany, and England, and from the numerous cases of scrofula which have been published in this and other journals, there can be no doubt of its possessing an antiscrofulous property; but it has : 'been observed, that if the bowels he not kept in a proper state, the ' article is very apt to disorder tlie stomach and head, and even to excite slight fever, and considerable irritation in the salivary glands, ; and these effects have induced some physicians, from ignorance of the cause, to abandon its use.* I The best aperient medicine for obviating costiyeness in scrofulous subjects is jalap, because it does not disturb either the process of \ ehymification in the stomach, or of chyliflcation in the duodenum, or I prevent absorption'of the chyle for the due nourishment of the body^ I DY harrying it through the small intestines, its peculiar aperient I effects arising from its action on the internal membrane of the colon, bj increasing its fecal secretion. The alcaline extract is the best preparation of the root^ which may be given in conjunction with the dried carbpn4te of soda and ^n aroips^tic, ip the following pro** portions ; T^ke ofttije AlcaKne Extract of Jalap, I drnchm : Essential Oil of Caraway Seeds, 10 drops ; Dried Subcarbonate of Soda, 1 scruple. Mix and divide into twenty pills^ of which two or three may be (iken every night or morning, so as to produce one proper alvine fTicuation daily. . As a constitutional remedy we know of none worthy a trial except iodine. The best form for exhibiting this article is the tincture, of which iiroro twenty to thirty drops may be taken two or three times a (l|y,.iii a large wine-gbss or small tea-cupful of the decoction of isarshmaHow root or coltsfoot. If the powers of the system have depreased, the Peruvian bark may be boiled with the marshmallow root or coltsfoot, in the proportion of half an ounce to a pint of tho tCmined decoction. As 9 topical application to neglected scrofulous tumours, either of glands or joints, the following embrocation may be used twice a day, ⢠* We have given iodine an extensive trial, in a variety of $crofi|lou9 â¢ffectioos, and in every instance it has evinced a power of correcting tbe scrofulous habity and of curing local affections through the medium of tbe stomach. In some patients it seems to have completely corrected the eoQStituCion, not having, for upwards of two years, experienced any scrofu- loos affection, althoupi, previously to its use, they had l)een subject to Mriling of glands of the neck, &c. every spring. In others, in whom it had not so happy an effect, it has never failed to check the prograss of glandular ivelling» and, in a few weeks, to disperse them. We have always paid attention to the regulation of the bowels. We haye ^Isp been Buy Labetalol Online very particular Id employing the true German iodine/ prepare^ froi;n sponge, which i? very fopenor to raat made in Scotland. PHTsic] 104 [Costiveness in Scrofula. either by rubbing the part geutly with it by means of some fine soil flannel, or by applying flannel moistened with it over the part. Take of Iodine, SO grains ; Rectified Oil oF Amber, 4 drachms ; Rectified Spirits, bounces. â Mix. On adding the rectified oil of amber to the iodine, a combustion takes place, and when this is finished the spirit should be added. The following ointment we have found very efficacious in dispers- ingscrofulous tumours, during the use of the tincture of iodine, &c. Take of Hydriodate of potash, 1 drachm ; Elder Flower Ointment,* 6 drachms. â Mix. As an auxiliary to medicine and diet, the most powerful is sea air. The diet should be adapted to the state of the general health, and particularly to that of tne sanguiferous system. We shall conclude this article with an extract from Mr. Abemethy's work on the constitutional treatment of local diseases : *^ I have remarked in many instances that diseases of tlie absorbent glands, such as are usually denominated scrofulous^ occurring in adults, have apparently originated from the disorder of the digestive organs. In several cases the local disease was of long duration, and had become worse rather than better under various plans of medical treatment; yet it amended regularly, and sometimes even quickly, in proportion as the state of the digestive organs was corrected. I need not detail «ny cases on this occa* «ion, since every surgeon must know them familiarly. The patients are commonly sent ^to the sea side, or into the country, where enlarged glands subside, and those which have suppurated and ulcerated heal ; and the local disease recovers in proportion as the health in general is amended. ^^ There are cases of scrofulous diseases occurring suddenly, and in various parts of the body at the same time, which seem to originate in that state of the constitution which is occasioned by disorder of the digestive organs. I have chiefly observed these eases in children, and they have followed some violent febrile afiection. In two cases, which I shall particularly mention, the small-pox was the antecedent disease. ' I have already stated, that ivhen the health has been considerably disordered by some violent disease, the digestive organs may become subseauently aflTected, and that this disorder proves a cause of many secondary diseases.'* The two cases to which Mr. Abernethy alludes are so very similar, that it is only necessary to give one to illustrate the great advantages of bis simple mode of treatment. *< A child of two years old had the small-pox, from which he did not seem to recover, but oo the contrary fell into a very bad state of health.. The absorbent glands on the right side of the neck became enlarged in succession, so as to form altogether a very considerable tumour^ whieh extended down to the collar bone. The axillary glands thenp became affected in the same manner ; the swelling was unusuall)^ * The biotnlent of elder flowers is prt&rable to the spermaceti oiutmeDt^ em fliccount of its eiitering the cuticle on frictjjpo with much more facility. PHT81C.] 105 [Torpidity of the Bowels. j^at, aqd seemed to extend under the pectoral mu cle, -elevating; it, and formioe by this means a continuation of tumour with the glands of. the necK. These swellings had partially suppurated, and had Related links: Benicar 40 Mg, purchase zithromax, Tinidazole Tablets 500mg, Renova Buy, Zantac Effervescent Tablets, Buy Generic Bactrim, Indomethacin Online, Benzoyl Peroxide 6, Order Zestoretic Online, Cheap Claritin D

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